Archive for Sexology


Humboldt University in Berlin’s  Archive for Sexology has a ‘mission to promote, protect, and preserve sexual health through original research and by collecting, analysing and disseminating scientific information from other sources.’

The Archive for Sexology has several ongoing international projects such as World-wide Free Sexual Health Education, which consists of open-access online courses in sexual health. The following courses are available.

  • Basic Human Sexual Anatomy
  • Human Reproduction
  • Physical Problems in Females and Males
  • Sexually Transmitted Diseases and their Prevention
  • Sexual Dysfunctions and their Treatment
  • Human Sexual Behavior

Some of these courses are available in languages such as Spanish, Portuguese, German, Italian, Russian, Magyarul, Czech, Chinese and Farsi.

The Archive of Sexology lists Sexology World-Wide, which is a directory of sexological institutions, organizations, resource centres, training programs, and scientific journals. One can also browse a directory of sexological training programs offered in various parts of the world. The Archive also houses an Online Library, an Encyclopaedia of Human Sexuality, an International Encyclopaedia of Sexuality, and publishes  a four-part survey of anthropological literature, covering all countries and all ethnic groups around the world titled Growing Up Sexually.

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