Post-conference training


Since 2005, IASSCS -along with conference conveners- has conducted short term trainings that take place immediately after each IASSCS conference. The Post-Conference Trainings (PCT) have been offered in San Francisco (2005), Lima (2007), Hanoi (2009), Madrid (2011), Buenos Aires (2013) and Dublin (2015). The PCTs have provided an important venue for participants to engage in ongoing theoretical and advocacy debates and political controversies regarding sexuality and gender, as well as to examine key issues and topics of research in sexuality, such as sexual and reproductive health, sexual identities and practices, social mobilization around sexuality, and sexual rights. Further, participants are required to develop their own research proposals under the guidance of, and with feedback provided by, senior researchers in the sexuality field. Primary target beneficiaries of post-conference training courses are junior researchers from Eastern Europe, North Africa and Middle Eastern countries. Applications for each PCT are open during each conference call.

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