Our initiatives


The work of IASSCS is informed and guided by the principles of academic freedom, social justice and human rights, with a focus on sexual rights and gender equality, as expressed in documents such as the Cairo Programme of Action, CEDAW and the UNGASS Declaration on AIDS.

Research Dissemination

Since 1997, the IASSCS Biannual International Conferences have hosted nine successful conferences which have consolidated a network of scholars and advocates engaged in the social and cultural study of sexuality around the globe. Conference participants have represented diverse disciplines including anthropology, history, sociology, health policy and the humanities, as well as from cultural and gender studies.

Research Development and Research Training

IASSCS also supports research development and research training, through its post conference trainings, the IASSCS Advancing Sexuality Studies Course (ASSC), and via the scholarship support provided to select conference participants. Recently IASSCS also started a small grants program for young scholars.

Policy and Advocacy

IASSCS is an essential source of expertise on sexuality in advocacy policy debates regarding sexuality. It seeks to identify and support current sexual rights advocacy initiatives and strategies that impact state policies and programs; sustain an on-going dialogue on future action research; support campaigns advocating for the visibility of sexual minority issues and empowerment; and position itself as a reliable, accurate source of information to those working in academic, government, research and media venues who are involved in policy and advocacy work in sexuality.