Our initiatives


Workshop on Sexual Rights Advocacy Strategies and Action

Following the successful Madrid conference in July 2011, IASSCS hosted an invitational workshop on advocacy for sexual rights and its relationship to research.  The overall goal of the workshop was to provide an interactive platform for researchers and activists to share and learn from each other’s policy and advocacy experiences relating to diverse sexuality issues.

The primary objectives of the workshop were to:

  • Bring together junior researchers and advocates working in various  sexual rights advocacy movements from the southern region of the globe to share strategic intervention strategies;
  • Critically review sexual rights advocacy initiatives and their impact on state policies and programmes; and
  • Initiate a dialogue on future action research and to identify potentially effective advocacy strategies.

IASSCS Dialogue on Strengthening sexual Rights Activism in the MENA Region

During November 2014, IASSCS organized the first IASSCS Regional Dialogue in the MENA region and its main objective was to help strengthen sexual rights activism in the MENA region by:

  • Identifying the activist and capacity-building research needs in the region;
  • Defining existing and proposing new activities that will lead to an increase in the participation of activists and advocacy-oriented researchers within and through IASSCS networks;
  • Building a better understanding of the complexity of the region and the challenges faced by activists and researchers in the region