Our charter


Governing Bodies

Accordingly to its Bylaws, IASSCS is governed by a General Assembly, constituted by all Full Members, and by a Board of Directors (five General Assembly Members).


General Assembly

The General Assembly of Associates is IASSCS’ primary membership structure and is constituted by IASSCS Full Members. The General Assembly sessions take place every two years at the biennial conference at which time the IASSCS Full Members address: IASSCS institutional policy; review the programmatic portfolio of the organization; approve the biannual report and nominate/confirm new memberships.

The first General Assembly following the 2008 legal incorporation of the organization was composed of: Carlos Cáceres Palacios; Diane di Mauro; Evelyn Blackwood; Gary Dowsett; Gilbert Herdt; Huso Yi; Khuat Thu Hong; Lenore Manderson; Peter Aggleton; Richard Parker and Saskia Wieringa.


IASSCS Board Members

The IASSCS Board of Directors is formed by five members of regional representation, and is elected every two years by the General Assembly. The board election process aims to ensure regional representation among the Board of Directors and guarantee new leadership over time.

Board Members (2016-2017)

  • Gilbert Herdt - Chair 
  • Corina Straatsma - Vice Chair
  • Ryan Thoreson - Member
  • Saskia Wieringa - Member
  • Zowie Davy - Member 


IASSCS Committees

Currently, there are three programmatic IASSCS committees:

  • Research and Training: Committee in charge of strengthening research and research capacity in socio-cultural dimensions of sexuality globally, with special attention to countries where this capacity is not well-developed.
  • Dissemination and Publication: Committee in charge of promoting and supporting expanded dissemination of social-cultural sexuality research findings.
  • Policy and Advocacy: Committee in charge of encouraging cooperation between researchers, policy makers and advocacy groups to become a source of expertise on sexuality in related policy debates, to provide support for various activists’ campaigns regarding sexuality, and to position itself as a source of reference for media.


The Secretariat

Headed by the Executive Coordinator, the Secretariat is IASSCS’ executive organ whose primary role is to coordinate, administer and monitor IASSCS programmatic activities.


IASSCS Regions

Here are IASSCS regional categories:

  • Africa
  • Australia, New Zealand, the Pacific Islands and East Asia
  • Latin America and the Caribbean
  • North America and Europe
  • South East Asia, South and Central Asia, Middle East


Institutional Bylaws are available here