Our aims and objectives


IASSCS’ mission is to strengthen both research and the capacity to conduct research, on socio-cultural dimensions of sexuality, with special attention to promoting research equity in the global south. It is committed to a broad range of research activities, including strengthening communication and promoting collaboration among researchers, policy makers, and activists/advocates. This mission is informed by the principles of social justice and human rights, with a focus on sexual rights and gender equality, as expressed in documents such as the Cairo Programme of Action, CEDAW and the UNGASS Declaration on HIV/AIDS.

IASSCS is committed to academic freedom and to building equity in sexuality research capacity worldwide via a broad range of activities. As an international convener of conferences and research training initiatives, it is dedicated to ensuring and increasing the participation of researchers, scholars, activists and advocates in our mission to:

  • Strengthen research and research capacity in socio-cultural dimensions of sexuality globally, with special attention to regions and countries where this capacity is not well-developed;
  • Disseminate socio-cultural sexuality research findings via its bi-annual conference and website in order to inform state, regional, and international policies regarding sexuality;
  • Provide mentoring and technical assistance to junior scholars in the development of research initiatives and preparation of grant proposals, journal articles, and conference presentations; and
  • Promote global networking and communication among researchers, policy makers, advocates and activists in the sexuality research field.