IASSCS global membership includes researchers, activists, and advocates from diverse backgrounds and experiences. The association encourages the participation of individuals from diverse gender, regional and cultural representation at its governing bodies, general membership, and conferences and training initiatives.



IASSCS membership has two categories: Associate Members and Full Members.

The category of Associate Member is automatically acquired upon registration through our website or at our conferences, and remains effective as long as annual fees are paid. Associate Member benefits include an annual subscription to the online journal Cultural, Health and Society, reduced conference registration fees, and the opportunity to participate in IASSCS Subcommittees.

The category of Full Member is a special membership category related to IASSCS governance structures. It is bestowed to existing associate members by invitation from the IASSCS General Assembly. In addition to associate members’ rights and obligations, Full Members constitute the General Assembly, the main Governing Body of IASSCS, and have rights and obligations linked to that function, as established in IASSCS Bylaws.



IASSCS membership includes an online subscription to the highly regarded peer-reviewed journal Culture, Health and Sexuality (CHS), which publishes special ‘conference’ issues that include conference abstracts and a selection of research papers presented at IASSCS’ conferences. IASSCS also offers research grants for emerging scholars, post-conference training for emerging scholars and activists and publication mentoring programme for emerging scholars

IASSCS membership provides the following benefits (on a year-by-year basis):

  • Free online access to the Culture, Health and Sexuality journal
  • Reduced conference registration rates
  • Special networking opportunities

IASSCS commitment to equity means that in 2014 we deliberately revised our fees structure, seeking to ensure that membership is affordable whatever your income level. 





Available living allowance below US $10,000

US $ 30.00

Available living allowance US $10,001 – US $30,000

US $ 60.00

Available living allowance US 30,001 – US $50,000

US $120.00

Available living allowance US $50,001 and above

US $ 180.00


If you want to become and IASSCS member, please click here and log in to access the payment system.