In line with the IASSCS’ mission, the XIth IASSCS Programme seeks to promote links between researchers, academics, advocates and activists by addressing the process of taking theory into practice, conceptualizing the meaning and significance of advocacy at the national and community level, and supporting and advancing the implementation of sexual rights.

Plenary sessions: Plenary sessions bring all conference participants together in one large session. Each plenary session includes two to four speakers drawn from the world’s most distinguished researchers, community leaders and policy specialists who address and discuss the conference main topics.

Morning and afternoon parallel session (oral presentations): Parallel sessions are based on research abstracts submitted from around the world, which have been peer-reviewed by a panel of international reviewers and selected for presentation by the Academic Program Sub- Committee. Each session includes 4 – 5 speakers, who will each make a fifteen minute presentation, followed by a short discussion. Audience questions will be encouraged and facilitated by the session coordinator.

Preliminary Programme

Key Note Speakers

The participation of the keynote speakers at XI IASSCS Conference will significantly contribute to our discussions. More information to be updated soon.

Other Type of Participation

IASSCS conference also encourages different type of participations, especially those non-academics related.

IASSCS Institutional Meeting: IASSCS will hold an open meeting to discuss key initiatives, successes, and challenges experienced during the past years. All IASSCS members (associate and full members) and non-members interested in learning more about IASSCS are invited.

Special Presentations: Information to be updated soon.

Institutional Exhibition Fair: The institutional fair is an opportunity for various local and international organizations and institutions to provide informational material and exhibit their publications and projects, this has a cost of USD 150. We will also have an additional booth for free display of brochures and other materials from any participant and institution.

Satellite Meetings: Information to be updated soon.

  • IASSCS conferences would not be possible without the contribution of its Keynote Speakers, whose participation significantly contributes to IASSCS discussions in its different dimensions:


    Carmen Barossa, Cathy Cohen, Charles H. Klein, Doug Kirby, Shereen El Feki, Gary W. Dowsett, Gilbert Herdt, Jennifer Hirsch, John Gagnon, Juliet Richters, Lenore Manderson, Mara Viveros, Mary Crewe, Michael Kimmel, Nivedita Menon, Richard Parker, Rosalind P. Petchesky, Sealing Cheng, Sonia Correa, Vasu Reddy, Vera Paiva, among others.