2013-2014 IASSCS Emerging Scholars International Research Fellowship Program grantees:


Here are the 2013-2014 IASSCS Emerging Scholars International Research Fellowship Program grantees:

Africa Region:

Melanie Judge
(South Africa)

Violence, the (re)making of lesbian identities, and feminist politics in South Africa (download pdf file)

Prince Karakire Guma

Gay Identity, the Possible Main Root of Homophobic Violence in Africa. A Sociological Analysis of Uganda (download pdf file)

North America and Europe Region:

Alexandra Lindgren-Gibson

British Non-Elite Culture in Victorian India: Class, Sexuality, and Race in the Cantonment, 1858-1914 (download pdf file)

Julie Hollar

Transforming Meanings, Transforming Policies: LGBT Activism and Social Change in Argentina and the United States (download pdf file)

South East Asia, South Central Asia and Middle East Region:

Debolina Dutta

Sex Workers Theorize the Law: Toward an Activist Feminist Jurisprudence in India (download pdf file)

Surabhi Shukla

Empirical study to understand and address discrimination and harassment of gender non-conforming students in the national capital region of India (download pdf file)

Latin America and the Caribbean Region:

Livi Faro

The chemistry of desire: A study on the interfaces of sexuality and testosterone use in women in Brazil (download pdf file)

Pilar Ortiz

Coffee with legs: the production of gendered bodies in Santiago's cafés con piernas (download pdf file)

Australia, New Zealand, the Pacific Islands and East Asia Region:

Rong Rong

One Woman, One Herstory – Understanding Sexual Identity in Autobiographical Writing by Female Factory Workers in China (download pdf file)

Adlina Maulod

Labor of Love: Queer Kinship and Parenting among Female Same-sex Partners in Singapore (download pdf file)